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High-speed Broadband Applications with EPON Technology

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Taipei, January 23, 2009– Ruby Tech Corp., a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative network products, today announced the High-speed Broadband Applications with EPON Technology

Features and Functionality

Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON), as a well broad access technology, the characteristics of high bandwidth of the IP network, high performance, simple configuration, and certain “quality of service” promise. These are catching the eyes of operators, service providers and final users.

With flexible implementation and various services of service providers, they can easily acquire a diverse variety of applications through EPON technology. At the same time, EPON is the optimum solution of high-speed broadband network in fulfilling fiber to the building (FTTB) and fiber to the home (FTTH).

In the future, service providers will be involved in major categories of services in a full scale: communication, information, commerce, and digital home. Ruby’s EPON solution can make full use of the legacy resources and save construction cost.

Key Features

· The Data (1490nm down, 1310nm up) and Video (1550nm broadcast) are transmitted by different wavelength. Easy and free to

extend the system topology

· Point to Multi-point to reduce the fiber cost
The Data Stream can reach 1G bps in GE-PON system that exceeds cable modem
New business IPTV and existed analog TV can be coexistent. (The ONU will be upgradeable for IPTV decoder in future)
Service providers are able to adopt more flexible applications in Triple-play
Hot-swappable CPU and OLT modules for easier maintenance

. IEEE 802.3ah provides utilities for monitoring and troubleshooting in Ethernet links


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Pricing and Availability

For more information about this solution, please contact with our sales representative for detailed

About Ruby Tech Corp

With more than 20 years of experience in R&D of networking products, Ruby Tech is committed to providing the most advanced and cost-effective products to its customers. What can best benefit its customers is what the company aims at and devotes to.

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