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Ruby Tech announces the new Wireless Service Gateway -- WSG-1400/WSG-2400

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Taipei, September 25, 2008– Ruby Tech Corp., a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative network products, today announced the new Wireless Service Gateway – WSG-1400/WSG-2400

Features and Functionality

The RUBYTECH wireless service gateway: WSG2400 and WSG1400 can empower an enterprise to deploy its critical service, such as VOIP under an 802.11 wireless environment, with doubled security and tripled reliability while experiencing a fast roaming by using RUBYTECH’s “DRAWN” (Dynamic Roaming across Wireless Networks) handover-free technology.

RUBYTECH has innovated a handover-free technology “DRAWN” that can enable the fast roaming for a user who mobiles across different vender’s AP with strong security. A mobile user with the DRAWN Client software downloaded and installed, having successfully connecting to the WSG2400 or WSG1400, can have his own security connection to the APs with its original setting plus the SSL encryption from the client side to the WSG2400 or WSG1400, which doubles the security. At the same time, this user can use three 802.11 channels concurrently as long as there are overlapped covered APs with different 802.11 channels nearby, which triples the reliability.

    WSG2400 and WSG1400 are the appliance-based platform with a software-hardware co-designed architecture. WSG2400 is suited to Enterprises with 200 concurrent mobile users, and WSG1400 for the SMB with about 50 concurrent mobile users

Key Features

l          Fast Roaming

    Seamless roaming across different vender’s AP

    Support voice over WLAN with DRAWN® handover free technology

l          Reliability

    Using multiple 802.11 wireless channels at the same time with redundancy and load-share

l          Security

    Strong security with SSL encryption

    LDAP authentication supported

l          Fast deployment

    Easy integration with original wireless network topology

l          Total Cost Ownership

    Investment is only be taken on the wireless service gateway and client kits, not a whole unified wireless network infrastructure.

    Original wireless network topology can be reused, new APs can be added from time to time to increase the reliability, and may be bought from different venders.

Pricing and Availability

Please contact with our sales representative for information about pricing and availability. Click  here to visit the WSG-1400/WSG-2400 product page.

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For more details about WSG-1400/WSG-2400, please contact us at

About Ruby Tech Corp

With more than 20 years of experience in R&D of networking products, Ruby Tech is committed to providing the most advanced and cost-effective products to its customers. What can best benefit its customers is what the company aims at and devotes to.

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