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Ruby Tech announces new 8-Port GbE Web Smart PoE Switch with 2 SFP Dual Media

PSGS-1308C/CF supports 8 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-negotiation, Auto-MDIX Ethernet ports and Power over Ethernet to IEEE 802.3af compliant devices. It? fully compliant with the standards of IEEE 802.3/u/x/z/ab/af. With web-based management, the network administrator can logon the switch to monitor, and configure. In addition, the switch implements the QoS (Quality of Service), Port Mirror, VLAN, LACP, LAN security, Multicasting video stream protocol, and SNMP v2c. It is suitable for SMB application.



PoE Saves Your Power Infrastructure Cost

PoE allows power to be supplied to end devices, such as Wireless Access Points IP Cameras or VoIP Phones, directly through the existing LAN cables. By supplying the power mid-span, you can centralize power distribution and backup without the need to increase infrastructure.

QoS with four Priority Queues

The QoS(Quality Of Service) feature provides four internal queues to support four different classifications of traffic. High priority packet streams experience less delay inside the switch, which supports lower latency for certain delay-sensitive traffic. The switch classifies the packet as one of the four priorities according to 802.1p priority tag, DiffServ and/or IP TOS. The QoS operates at full wire speed. The actual scheduling at each egress port can be based upon a strict priority, weighted round robin or a mix of both.

Port Mirroring

This mechanism helps track network errors or abnormal packet transmission without interrupting the flow of data, allowing ingress traffic to be monitored by a single port that is defined as mirror capture port. The mirror capture port can be any 10/100 port, 10/100/1000 port. Mirroring multiple ports is possible but can create congestion at the mirror capture port.

Q-in-Q VLAN for Performance & Security

The VLAN feature in the switch offers the benefits of both security and performance. VLAN is used to isolate traffic between different users and thus provides better security. Limiting the broadcast traffic to within the same VLAN broadcast domain also enhances performance. VLAN supports enabling advanced techniques such as "802.1Q-in-Q" to be deployed.

IGMP Snooping

By default, layer 2 Ethernet switches treat IP multicast traffic in the same manner as broadcast traffic ??namely, by forwarding frames received on one interface to all other interfaces. This may create excessive traffic on the network and degrade the performance of hosts attached to the switches. The IGMP snooping can significantly reduce traffic from streaming media and other bandwidth-intensive IP multicast applications

Multicasting VLAN reduce the multicast video streaming traffic in DVB application

Multicast VLAN is designed for applications (such as Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)) using multicast traffic across an IP Ethernet network. The feature allows one single multicast VLAN to be shared among different subscriber VLANs on the network. This improves bandwidth utilization by reducing multicast traffic in the subscriber VLANs and simplifies multicast group management.

802.1x Access Control Improve Network Security

802.1x features enable user authentication for each network access attempt. Port security features allow you to limit the number of MAC addresses per port in order to control the number of stations for each port. Static MAC addresses can be defined for each port to ensure only registered machines are allowed to access. By enabling both of these features, you can establish an access mechanism based on user and machine identities, as well as control the number of access stations.

Port Trunk for Bandwidth Aggregation

The Gigabit ports can be combined together to create a multi-link load-sharing trunk. Up to 8 Gigabit ports can be set up per trunk. The switch supports up to 8 trunking groups. Port trunks are useful for switch-to-switch cascading, providing very high full-duplex speeds.

Trap Event for Exception Management

We use SNMP Trap mechanism to inform supervisor to know the instant abnormal status of the switch.

2 Dual Media Ports for Flexible Fiber Connection       

Two dual media ports are provided for flexible fiber connection. You can select to install optional transceiver modules in these slots for short, medium or long distance fiber backbone attachment. Use of the SFP will disable their corresponding built-in 10/100/1000Base-T connections.

Build-in Web-base Management

Instead of using CLI interface, we provide a more convenient GUI for user. We just need to configure switch via Web Browser. It is more quickly and easily for users to control switch on the basis of this design.      



n        PoE save your power infrastructure and installation cost

n        Port Mirroring helps supervisor monitoring network

n        Q-in-Q VLAN for performance & security and 4094 VLAN entries supported

n        IEEE802.1x Access Control improves network security

n        65 or 130 watts of total power diversification options


Technical Specification

n        Standard Compliance          

n         IEEE 802.3af PoE Standard

n         IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet(twisted-pair copper)

n         IEEE 802.3u 100Base-T Ethernet(twisted-pair copper)

n         IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T Ethernet(twisted-pair copper)

n         IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-X Ethernet

n         IEEE 802.3x Flow Control capability

n         ANSI/IEEE 802.3 Auto-negotiation

n         IEEE 802.1p Priority Tag

n         IEEE 802.1q VLAN

n        RoHS Compliance

n        Subscriber Interface

n         8 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

n         Auto-negotiation

n         Auto-MDIX

n         Back pressure flow control for half duplex.

n         Flow control for full duplex.

n         Port 7, 8 are TP/SFP Fiber auto sense

n         Connector: 8 RJ-45 and 2 SFP module

n        Performance

n         Switching capacity

n            8 Gigabit Ethernet ports with non-blocking wire speed performance.

n            8 K MAC addresses

n            176KB on-chip frame buffer.

n            Jumbo frame support up to 9216 bytes.

n         VLAN

n            Port-base VLAN

n            IEEE802.1q tag-base VLAN, 4094 Max

n         Qos

n            Supports Layer 4 TCP/UDP Port and ToS Classification

n            Supports 802.1p QoS with four level priority queue

n         Multicasting

n            Supports IGMP Snooping for Multicast.

n         Port Trunk

n            Port trunking with 8 trunking group

n            up to 8 ports for each group.

n         Broadcast/Multicast Storm

n            Broadcast Storm control

n         Port Mirroring

n            All port support port mirroring.

n         PoE Specification

n            Supports IEEE 802.3af compliant

n            Supports Power over Ethernet (PSE) on each Gigabit UTP port

n            Full power support for per POE port

n            Auto detect powered device and consumption levels

n            Supports per port power consumption monitoring

n            Smart feature for PD on/off, PD detection, power level, PD status and power feeding priority

n            Circuit protection to prevent power interference between ports

n            Supports per port PoE State setting

n            Supports per port power priority setting

n            LED indicators for POE ready and POE activity

n            65 or 130 watts of total power diversification options



Pricing and Availability


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