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PSGS-2208C/CF, an 8 Port GbE L2 Plus Managed PoE Switch with 2 SFP Dual Media

PSGS-2208C/CF, an 8-port Gigabit L2 Plus Managed PoE Switch with 2 Gigabit TP/SFP Dual Media that meets all IEEE802.3/u/X/z/ab/af standards. This is not only an intelligent switch, also a powerful one by providing PoE, High-speed GbE ports and L2 Plus managed functions. The benefits of using PSGS-2208C/CF are:


1, Powerful PoE providing: Supporting IEEE802.3af standard, it can provide the power to PD (Power Device), such as Wireless AP, IP Camera, and VoIP phone etc, through the existing Ethernet cable to save the extra power wire cost. The equipped GbE ports are also an ideal design for the requirement of a large amount of data transmission. Such as 802.11n Wireless AP, VoIP phone, and Video conferencing.


2. Safety and Security protection: Supporting SSH/SSL security for the encryption of data transmissions. 802.1x access control and TACACS+/RADIUS authentication to keep data safe by granting access to privileged users only. ACL (Access Control List) features limit ingress frame type for each port. In addition, IP-MAC-Port Binding, DHCP Snooping/option 82 to restrict machine identity by map to unique MAC address with a specific IP.


3, Reliable Transmission: Supporting a variety of QoS (Quality of Service) functions, can enhance the Voice/Video stream by classifying the packets with the proper priority over the entire network and make service less susceptible to latency and jitter. Associated with the flow control by bandwidth Rate limiting and storm control, it can 100% ensure the stability and reliability of the network


4. Multi-function Applications: Supporting 802,1q tag base VLAN, Port base VLAN and Q-in-Q. The administrator can easily setup and classify the different functions by different user groups. IGMP Snooping, IGMP Proxy, and Multicast features benefit a large amount of voice/video multi-media stream applications, such as IPTV, Video conferencing.


5, Easy to Management: The switch can be managed through RS-232 serial port, or through Ethernet port using CLI, Telnet or Web-base management in a friendly way. With SNMP/RMON, LLDP supports, the network administrator can easily maintain the entirely network.


6. Green technology for Power saving: PSGS-2208C/CF with the advanced Green technology, it can efficiently reduce the power consumption by detecting the client idle and cable length automatically.



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