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Ruby Tech announces new switch portfolio for coming 2016

Ruby Tech Corp., the leading and innovative fiber optic networking manufacturer based in Taiwan, today unveils a full range of new switches. These switches are specially designed to be seamlessly interconnected with various IP devices, such as, IP cam, Wifi AP, IP phone, and etc. New features like DHCP server, L3 static route, industry-grade CLI and many more are built-in, so that they will be best suited for the ever more sophisticated environment which combines company’s network, internet access and IoT applications all together.


1.      10/26-port Web Smart+ Gigabit switches

GS-1610, GS-1626G

2.      10/26-port Web Smart+ Gigabit PoE switches

PSGS-1610F, PSGS-1626GL

3.      10/26/28/52-port L2+ Managed Gigabit switches

GS-2610G, GS-2626G, GS-2628X, GS-2652X

4.      10/26/28/52-port L2+ Managed Gigabit PoE switches

PSGS-2610GF, PSGS-2626GF, PSGS-2628XF, PSGS-2652XF

5.      16/24/28-port L2+ Managed Gigabit fiber switches

FGS-2616X, FGS-2624K, FGS-2628KX

6.      24/26/28-port L2+ Managed Gigabit Carrier Ethernet switches

FGS-2724K, FGS-2726KX, FGS-2728KX

7.      8-port 10G Ethernet switches

XGS-5610TS, XGS-1610TS, XGS-2610TS


Please contact our sales representative for information about pricing and availability. For more details, please visit our web at


About Ruby Tech Corp.


With more than 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing networking products, Ruby Tech is committed to providing the most advanced and cost-effective products to its customers. What can best benefit its customers is what the company aims at and devotes to. 


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