Ruby Tech announces FGS-2324K 24-port 100/1G managed fiber switch

Ruby Tech announces FGS-2324K 24-port 100/1G managed fiber switch

Ruby Tech Corp., the leading and innovative fiber optic networking manufacturer based in Taiwan, today announces 24-port Gigabit L2+ managed fiber switch FGS-2324K.


Based on worldwide foremost, up-to-date gigabit MACs and phyceivers as well as Ruby’s well-established L2 management technologies, the new fiber switch provides the premium network users with following key features:

20-port 100/1G SFP and 4-port RJ-45/(100/1G SFP) combo for
scalable and flexible connection

  • L2+ features provide better manageability, security, QoS, and
  • ITU-T 8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching
  • IPv4/IPv6 dual stack and sFlow supports
  • Supports SNMP v1/v2c/v3 and DHCP Relay (Option 82)
  • Supports AC (100~240VAC) and DC (-48VDC) dual power input for
    power redundancy application


TheFGS-2324K is specially designed to replace Ruby’s popular managed fiber switches FGS-2924R and FGS-2924R2 with many more new specific features, such as, ITU-T standard Ring protection, 100/1G dual speed SFP supports, AC/DC dual power input, +60 deg. C working temperature, and etc. It provides FTTx deployers with a cost effective selection for their central office fiber edge switches. A more advanced model, FGS-2528KX is also available, which supports 10G uplinks, carrier Ethernet and optional Sync-E.


Please contact our sales representative for information about pricing and availability. For more details, please visit our web at rubytech@mail.rubytech.com.tw

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