More Efficient to Customize Your Switches

The Lowest MoQ, Shortest DEV/MFG Lead Time, and Most
Comprehensive Customized Features in the Networking Industry


Standard Customization Product Offering

Low MOQ (< 20) and short lead time (< 3 weeks) for selected hot models. This is a milestone to get the fast delivery of your project, we delivers an impressive material management for ODM customers.


Lead Time

Custom Branding to Carry Switches

Customization under your brand is no longer a pain point. To offer low threshold, implementing your business become more efficiently and economically.

Experienced in ODM Networking Requirments

Experienced of ODM networking products, prototype in 6~8 weeks and Certifications and Mass Production in another 6 weeks.

Create Value-added Features to Spec-in

To make sure the switches fully integrate with your device, FREE SW customization service is available to make sure the switch works in your application.

Integrate to all kinds of IP-relative devices

Enable batch configuration, auto-provisioning to integrate with Your Wifi-AP/IP Cam/IP Phone or special demand, with success. Creating a quick and easy way when deployment.

Just and Right when you need it

Get Golden Sample in 3 weeks, 1st Mass Production in 2 weeks and delivery L/T of 2 weeks low MoQ for selected 24 models. Create absolutely remarkable standard operation procedure to ODM customer.

Customization SERVICE

Customize your Company Style Switch front plate


The fastest way to customization and design for your switches UI Online
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Switch Hardware Customization Options

Power Customization

Power Redundancy.

FAN Customization

Inteligent FAN Speed Control/Fan-less Design.

Combination Port Customization

Combination of RJ-45/SFP/SFP+ ports counts.

Temperature Customization

Wide Temperature Support (-20℃~60℃)

DMS Customization

Device Management System Customization.

PoE Switch Customization

Different Power Budget for PoE Switches.

Switch Case Size Customization

Small Form Factor Case Size.

ITU-T Customization

ITU-T G.8032 ERPS.

and more...

Customization that best meets your business needs Switch UI

Faster than the boss and users to know the network critical conditions by iPush.

Easy Technical Support Online without client computer and third party remote control software.