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Ruby Tech announces new Outdoor Wireless High Power Multi-function Station

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Taipei, January 12, 2009– Ruby Tech Corp., a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative network products, today announced the new Outdoor Wireless High Power Multi-function StationOW-1000A

Features and Functionality

The OW-1000 ADVANCED is an IEEE802.11 b/g semi-outdoor (industrial grade) high-performance, wireless AP/ Bridge/ Repeater that supports high-speed wireless networking in open public space. The OW-1000 ADVANCED can operate as a Point-to-Point/ Point-to-Multipoint Bridge/ AP/ Repeater and can be configure with different operation methodology in one device.

The OW-1000 ADVANCED provides data transfers at up to 54 Mbps (compared to the standard 11 Mbps mode). The IEEE 802.11g standard is backwards compatible with 802.11b products. You may choose to slowly change your network by gradually replacing the 802.11b devices with 802.11 b/g devices.

Key Features

· Atheros SOC solution
· IEEE 802.11 b/g
· Power over Ethernet support. 12V, 1A.
· High Speed Data Rate Up to 54Mbps
· Average Output Power up to 26Bm
± 2 in 802.11 b/g mode from 1Mbps to 54 Mbps
· Point-to-point, Point-to-multipoint Wireless Connectivity
· WEP/WPA/WPA2/ IEEE 802.1x Authenticator support
· Dust tight and Weatherproof
· Wide temperature range and robust mechanical design

Pricing and Availability

Please contact with our sales representative for information about pricing and availability. Click here to visit the product page.

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For more details about OW-1000A, please contact us at

About Ruby Tech Corp

With more than 20 years of experience in R&D of networking products, Ruby Tech is committed to providing the most advanced and cost-effective products to its customers. What can best benefit its customers is what the company aims at and devotes to.

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