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IES-5708/IES-5708A, an ideal choice for mission critical installation

Faced with the violent climate change, it is not enough to maintain only the transfer speed and performance, the robust hardware design to keep the connection alive whether the temperature is down to minus 40 degree C or up to 75 degree C should be also considered. Come with the dual power input, IES-5708 and IES-5708A can also resist any harm from instantaneous power off without interruption from time to time.


Both IES-5708 and IES-5708A are equipped with eight 10/100Mbps ports.  Moreover, IES-5708A also supports two 100M-fiber ports.  Depend on the required length of its data transmission; users can easily use the optics port to do long-distance reach!



n        Support wide operating temperature from -400C to 750C

n        DIN-Rail and Wall mount kit installation (optional)

n        Alarm signal with an external buzzer or warning light

n        Built-in dual DC power input

n        Optional AC power supply

n        Support various optical interfaces, depending on the elasticity of demand with applications


To learn more about Ruby’s IES-5708 and IES-5708A, please click here for more information.


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